August 2017

Every now and then, when the mood takes us, Astrakan likes to engage with the outside world with some haphazard promotion.  We were  delighted to discover that the dedicated people at Babyblaue Seiten have made a commendable attempt to engage with our oeuvre. We have nothing but admiration for this German site which provides numerous reviews of challenging music (visit their site at al ::  ).   However we would like to make the observation that  "post-fusion” trips off the tongue a little better than "Prog-Jazz-Rock-Fusion-Combo”.

Other positive ratings can be found at:

If you are an Astrakan fan and feel the urge to spread the word in our favour….please do not hesitate to 'share the love’.

May 2017

Astrakan are working on the next album. We have three new songs so far, and hope to  bring some demos to this site soon. We are also looking to release a collaborative single in August.

February 2017

Our track 'Submarine' was selected for the Croydon Community Radio New Music Playlist and has been broadcast daily across Croydon and the world. Astrakan would like to thank the volunteers at the radio station and wish them well in their search for new premises. Contact if you can help.

January 2017

Astrakan release a new single on the 7th January to complement The Hello Goodbye Show's Bowie Show on Resonance FM (104.4)

It's our post fusion take on our favourite David Bowie track 'Fashion' and we hope all of you Astrakan and Bowie fans enjoy it. It will be available on CD Baby,  Spotify and other places on the Web.

November 2016

Hidden Agenda is now available as a CD as well as on digital media.

Two Astrakan songs have made the Fresh on the Net Listening Post long-list. We especially liked the description of  Tumblin' Dave as:

'Deerhoof in your lounge. Random, wonky, and fun'  

View some pictures from Ascape Studio showing Astrakan with engineer/guitar virtuoso Dave Lear. Marvel at Sean Broadbent's wondrous artwork. Visit his site here:


November 2017

The   Astrakan collaborative single titled ' I'm Like, You're Like' is pretty much finsihed with a little mastering due to be carried out soon. We think it's one of our weirdest yet with an outstanding vocal by Celia. It should be available on digital Media by the end of November or the beginning of December.

We were very pleased to find 'Comets and Monsters' on a Spotify  jazz playlist by Dennis Charles Young. We can only congratulate Dennis on having such excellent taste and urge him to listen to our recent work .

December 2017nter Text

The Astrakan post-fusion collaborative single 'I'm Like, You're like' is now available on all good digital media. It features  an out-of -this-world vocal  by Celia with virtuosic  powerhouse drumming from Dave.  We think you Astrakan fans should love it!!!!

Check our home page for a lovely video performance of  'Needless in a haystack'. This  heartfelt paean to some of Celia's and indeed everyone else's favourite foodstuffs set to a Dave composition should melt even the most glacial  of hearts.

December 2017

In an inspired attempt to  engage with  western capitalism and  essay what might  loosely be called marketing  Astrakan  have created two unique  T-shirt designs  (see the 'Fashion' T-shirt below). We feel confident that Astrakan fans  will  love these attractive,  contemporary and friend impressing fashion items. Check out the Musicglue links to  the Astrakan store on the Shop page.